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As a prime Tours and Travel Company, Jireh will help you plan and organize your holiday in Uganda and the wider East Africa region. Based in Jinja, Uganda-the source of the Nile, we offer holidays and safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zanzibar.

We plan and organize the East Africa tours for individual travellers and groups. We offer Uganda wildlife safaris, Uganda cultural safaris, Kenya and  Zanzibar beach holidays, Elgon and Rwenzori Mountain climbing, Kenya and Tanzania wildlife safaris, Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing.

From the snow-capped mountains to the Savannahs teeming with some of the world’s largest concentrations of wildlife, to the pristine white coral Indian Ocean beaches, East Africa is a tropical paradise never ceasing to delight and intrigue.

Uganda's superb natural attractions offer visitors some very special and memorable experiences. The country contains a rich diversity of terrain and wildlife, from the lush rainforests which clad the volcanic mountains in western Uganda, home of the magnificent mountain gorillas— a must visit region—to the dry lands of Kidepo.  Read More...

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